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Resource Books

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National Agreement1024_1.png

National Agreement 

NALC Constitution, as amended through the 69th Biennial Convention 2014. 


Link to ELM Issue 40 - Employee and Labor Relations Manual, Updated March 


Injury Compensation Handbook EL-505 - December 1995

Injury Comp

TACS Hours Codes/Reason Codes list

TACS Codes

NALC Route Protection Program

Route Protection Program



NALC MRS (Materials Reference System) Index and Summaries, July 2014. 


Withdrawl or Failure to Provide Limited Duty - Guide to NRP National Reassessment Process
National Association of Letter Carriers - Defenses to Discipline. 

Defenses to Discipline. 

City Carrier Assistant Resource Guide. Updated 2016 ​

CCA Resource Guide

NALC Guide to Safety and Heath - A Basic Reference for NALC Local Safety and Health Activists. March 2006
Handbook M-39, Management of Delivery Services March 1998


Handbook M-41 City Delivery Carriers Duties and Responsibilities, Updated 2001


Article 15 The Dispute Resolution Process Packet

LMOU Branch 114 

2012 NALC Guide to Route Inspections

Route Inspections

Travel Policy

ByLaw 2021 JPG.JPG

Bylaws Branch 114 

 Reasonable Accommodation, An Interactive Process
Analyzing the Employee Everything Report

Employee Everything Report

An explanation of TACs Reports that can be ran and what they look like.

Safety and Heath

Guide to NRP

Article 15 Dispute Resolution Process 

 Reasonable Accommodation

TACs Reports

Printable Forms

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Fillable 8190 Form 

Fillable Information Request Form 

Fillable Request for Steward Time Form 

Checklist for some of the information that may be requested for a grievance.

Fillable form to request a time limit extension at informal A level.

NALC USPS Who gets the work OT chart
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