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NALC Retirement Department:

Toll-free number: (800) 424-5186

Available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
from 10 a.m. to noon & 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (Eastern time)

USPS HR Shared Service Center (HRSSC):

For current employees who are planning or applying for retirement

(877) 477-3273 (select option 5)

When calling HRSSC, be prepared to provide your Employee ID and PIN.

OPM Retirement:
USPS LiteBlue:
Planning to Retire Soon?

While the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) makes all decisions regarding retirement entitlement, current employees are required to apply for retirement through the USPS Human Resources Shared Services (HRSSC).

Upon request, HRSSC will:

  • Mail an individualized annuity estimate based on a projected retirement date provided by the employee;

  • Schedule and provide telephonic individual pre-retirement counseling;

  • Mail a packet of information (usually called the ‘blue book’) of forms and guidance.

HRSSC retirement services can alternately be accessed by employees close to retirement eligibility on-line using the LiteBlue eRetire application. Employees must know their Employee ID and USPS Pin numbers to access eRetire.

Annuity Estimates

HRSSC mails individualized computer-generated report called the annuity estimate is mailed twice each year to the home address of those employees currently eligible for retirement. Employees who are within three years of retirement eligibility may request and receive individualized annuity estimates by calling HRSSC. Employees within 5 years of retirement eligibility may view and print individualized annuity estimates on-line at LiteBlue using the eRetire application.

The NALC Retirement Department provides generalized monthly charts showing annuity estimates under both CSRS and FERS.


Click on each image to link to the booklet.

NALC Survivors Guide brochure
NALC When an active letter carrier dies brochure
NALC When a retired letter carrier dies brochure
Retirement counseling

Letter carriers approaching retirement eligibility have a contractual right to individual pre-retirement counseling from the Postal Service, upon request. The purpose of the counseling is to promote fully informed retirement decisions by employees.


The Postal Service individual counseling is provided telephonically by a retirement specialist at the USPS Human Resources Shared Services Center (HRSSC). Letter carriers initiate and schedule the counseling session by calling HRSSC at 877-477-3273 option 5, or online at the Liteblue eRetire application.

Letter carriers have a right to this individual counseling on the clock, if desired. When a letter carrier wishes to receive the counseling on the clock, local management must arrange reasonably private space. The letter carrier has the right to have his or her spouse and/or an advisor present during the counseling. The counseling will include (but not be limited to) assistance with completing forms (e.g., StandSF2801 and any other forms related to FEGLI, FEHB, and TSP) and military and civilian service deposit issues.

The Postal Service is required to provide individual and group retirement counseling. If a letter carrier is unable to begin or complete a scheduled individual retirement counseling session, that issue will be addressed at the local level jointly by the union and management.

NALC Nalcrest Brochure

Nalcrest, the letter carriers' retirement community, is located in Central Florida just south of Route 60, midway between Tampa on the Gulf Coast and Vero Beach on the Atlantic Coast just east of Lake Wales.

Nalcrest features 500 garden-style apartments

, arranged in clusters of four to 10 apartments—and all are on ground level. Efficiency, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments are available, starting from $374 per month. All are leased unfurnished on a yearly basis. Rental fee includes water, sewage, trash removal, basic cable TV, interior and exterior maintenance and use of all recreational facilities

To learn more about Nalcrest click here.

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