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The View from the Country Club

Mount Royal Station

View from the Country Club: The Internet version: November 2016

There are some great resources on this website. Our webmaster, Heidi, has done a fantastic job of providing links to a wide variety of publications and manuals. Please use this information. Knowledge truly is power. Here, below are some of the links to videos that you might find entertaining and insightful. A great resource to find info on the day to day stories that involve the postal service is

As bad as things may seem, they can get worse. Seriously. Check this out: It’s the old postmaster stating, unilaterally, that he was going to eliminate Saturday delivery. That was only 3 and ½ years ago. We dodged a bullet there.

On October 22nd Donald Trump gave a speech where he outlined what we would do during his first 100 days (after he threatened to sue the women who had accused him of groping…sad!). During his speech he stated that he would initiate …“ a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition (exempting military, public safety, and public health)” So, does this mean postal workers? Who the hell knows!

Then there’s this: Management. Numbers. And a poop cake. Again, as bad as things might be, they can be worse.

Something different. Safety. Safety isn’t funny, but this video on safety IS FUNNY. Watch it…you’ll see what I mean. Let me just warn, if you’re squeamish about fake blood ya might want to skip is…otherwise, please check out: :

The NALC has a longer, very well done, video on the dangers of retrieving items from the back of postal vehicles. It can be found here: Even if you just watch the first four minutes you’ll get the point of the presentation.

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