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CCA Conversion Guide

You just found out your getting converted. Now what? Aside from finally getting your own route, the paperwork side of things can get confusing so here are some links, guides, and tip to make it all a little easier.

First of all, the timeline:

Within 31 days from conversion, you can sign up for FEGLI (Federal Employee’s Group Life Insurance)

Within 60 days from conversion, you can enroll in health/vision/dental insurance

Within 90 days from conversion, you can NOT use annual leave but you can use sick leave.

At any point after conversion you can enroll in MBA Insurance plans and adjust your TSP contributions

First let’s go over FEGLI. It’s pretty reasonably priced life insurance. You have 60 days from conversion to change your enrollment. Here is the application form. If you do nothing, you will automatically be enrolled in the Basic plan. If you would like, you can increase your coverage with the attached form for a very nominal price (a few dollars a paycheck). You can also purchase insurance for your family as well. Here is a link to the cost calculator for FEGLI so you can see how much it would cost per paycheck before you enroll. FEGLI Calculator Once you complete the enrollment form, give it to your supervisor.

Second, you can enroll in Health/Dental/Vision benefits within the first 60 days as well. Here is a guide for how to sign up for health benefits once you compare plans and find the plan code you want to elect. You can compare plans here . Here is more information on the NALC health plan summaries. For vision and dental (FEDVIP) as well as long term care, go to Benefeds.

Third, let’s talk TSP. If you do nothing, you will be enrolled at a 3% contribution rate. So, three percent of your paycheck goes into your Thrift Savings Plan. I suggest you go onto LiteBlue and increase your contribution up to at least 5% for maximum employer contributions. If you give 5%, the employer will match up to 5%. You can give more but the employer maxes out at 5%. Here is a link to the page on TPS. Scroll to the bottom, and you will see the link to PostalEase where you can change your elections.

And then there is the NALC Mutual Benefits Association. To learn more about all the plans they offer, click here . Most plans are different types of life insurance but there is also a retirement plan as well as a hospital insurance plan. It’s worth a few minutes to check them out.

Other interesting conversion facts:

  • You can bid on routes as soon as you get converted. (If any are available) You bid with eJob Bidding on LiteBlue.

  • Your unused annual leave will be paid out. You will be bought out just like when you were a CCA separated at 360 days but you will not have to re-enroll in direct deposit.

  • You cannot use your annual leave for 90 calendar days but you can use your sick leave right away. You accrue sick leave at the same rate as annual leave.

  • You can elect between 8 hours only and work assignment once you are converted. You cannot go onto the overtime desired list until the start of a new quarter.

  • You are guaranteed 8 hours a day. If you punch out earlier than 8 hours, you will need to fill out a 3971 and designate if you would like to use annual leave or LWOP for the different in making 8 hours.

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