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2017 Stamp Out Hunger Branch Results

2017 Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

Here is where we are for the 2017 year:

33 pallets from Main Office (37,356 lbs)

12 pallets from Mount Royal (10,718 lbs)

Fruit of the Vine collected 4,202 lbs from Lakeside

Two Harbors has 4,200 lbs (I didn't include this in the grand total below as we are just looking at local totals right now)

Proctor had 5,170 lbs

Hermantown had 4,740 lbs

We also had $7,234 in cash donated. We took the total and calculated it at 4 lbs per 1$ for a total of 28,936 lbs.

The grand total we are at r is 95,627 lbs including cash donations.

The recorded number for 2016 for Duluth was 78,902 just for food and are at 67,611 lbs this year.

Not too shabby! We were down a little in pounds but next year we can hopefully get the numbers back up. Thank you again for your hard work on this food drive! We are looking forward to seeing how we can improve for next year! If you have any suggestions, please email us! We value your opinion.

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

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