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Contract language is clear: CCAs can only work 12 hours per day, including lunch. There is not a limit of hours that a CCA may work per week nor is there a contractual guarantee of a day off. But, and CCA who is working over 11 1/2 hours per day is working in violation of the contract and a grievance should be filed by the union. In Duluth this is being done weekly. Click

for the full contract language, section 432.32 of the ELM.

The contract limits regular carriers to 12 hours per day and 60 hours per week. These ARE NOT recommendations, they are absolutes. If you reach 60 hours at 8am on a Friday morning YOU HAVE TO BE SENT HOME AND WILL THEN BE PAID FOR 8 HOURS OF WORK. Chick

to read the full contractual language.

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