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The Penalty exclusion period will be ending soon and management will be expecting carriers to suddenly walk upon snow in leaps and bounds. (Seems like there's still plenty of snow and ice out there folks!) These are just SOME of the reasons you may be unable to complete your route in eight hours. Remember, it is OUR responsibility to inform management when we will be unable to complete our routes in 8 hours. Ask for a 3996 form to document your reasons...reasons such as...

Follow these steps during the morning go-arounds. The carrier is required to inform management as to how long the carrier thinks the route will take to carry each day. Verbally inform management. Ask for a form 3996. It MUST be given to you...if not, see a steward.

Management can disagree with the carrier estimate, but ultimately, the carrier has a requirement to inform and management has a requirement to manage with three choices:

1. Give the carrier assistance,

2. Authorize the carrier's overtime, or

3. Have the carrier curtail mail.

Notice that harass and shame the carrier into meeting management's numbers is NOT one of the options.

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