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Follow these steps during the morning go-arounds. The carrier is required to inform management as to how long the carrier thinks the route will take to carry each day. Verbally inform management. Ask for a form 3996. It MUST be given to you...if not, see a steward.

Management can disagree with the carrier estimate, but ultimately, the carrier has a requirement to inform and management has a requirement to manage with three choices:

1. Give the carrier assistance,

2. Authorize the carrier's overtime, or

3. Have the carrier curtail mail.

Notice that harass and shame the carrier into meeting management's numbers is NOT one of the options.

George Anderson has been a member of NALC branch 114 for 80 years. Let that sink in: 80 years! Today it was our great honor to present George with a plaque recognizing this accomplishment. George just turned 103 a couple of weeks ago. He joined the post office in 1939 and then left to fight in the European theater for 3 ½ years during WWII. Upon returning, George wasted no time and was married 9 days upon his return. He carried mail in the Lakeside and downtown areas of Duluth. In 1970 George fondly remembers taking up a picket sign and walking through downtown Duluth. He remembers supervisors telling him he could lose his job.

George has one daughter, Julie. She swears that the exercise her father got as a carrier has contributed to his health and longevity. George also has 3 grand-children and 6 great grand-children. Last year George took and passed his drivers exam. He said the people at the DMV applauded him. George, we, at NALC branch 114, also applaud and appreciate you!

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