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It might seem like a bad time to train a new carrier (It IS a bad time). That being said, we are currently training at least 5 new CCAs. Please welcome and help these carriers as they learn the craft. One positive, the weather. It's beginning to look like Duluth will have a brown Christmas. Great for delivery, really bad for winter sports that require snow. There are still another six months of winter left so there's still no need to panic. (I hope that's a joke!)

The White House has finally released the Postal Task Force report. Here is the initial statement from the NALC regarding the paper:

REGULARS, and regulars only, single day pick selections are now underway. Your picks must be in the bid box by 4pm on DECEMBER 10th. You can put as many alternatives as you want on the bid slips, but you are limited to a total of 5 selections during this round of bidding. Following that, the calendars will be updated and you can select day to day picks for up to six months into the future. Please try to print clearly and make sure you indicate HOW MANY TOTAL DAYS you are actually bidding. Then, don't forget to submit two copies of a form 3971 to management.


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