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Health issues can be challenging at any time of the year. The holiday season just seems to add to those challenges. Many of our carriers and their families are going through very serious health issues right now. It's easy to get overwhelmed by 60 and 70 hour workweeks, but please try to keep those carriers and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Stay safe out there. Just because the weather has been good doesn't mean it's safe

. Ice is still slick. Dogs still like to bite. Stairs still like to trip us up. Working in the dark may be natural for management, but it's not for carriers--so be extra observant when working by a headlight.

The union is more than aware that the contract is being violated on a daily basis in regards to work hour limits. Eight hour carriers have been working 12 hours. CCAs, who are limited to 11 1/2 total work hours YEAR ROUND are being worked 14 and 15 hours. These issues are being addressed through the grievance process. Carriers will be receiving additional monies in their paychecks in the coming weeks and months.

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