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Recently we had a local Mini Rap Session to discuss questions related to the proposed new NALC/USPS Contract. Below you will find a Q&A that goes over some of the questions asked. If you have more question please ask! We will continue to add to this list as we get more.

Local Rap Session Q & A:

When will I get a full copy of the proposed contract and ballot?

You should receive one in the mail by June 30th, 2017 – If you do not get yours, contact Scott Dulas so that he can see to it you get another copy sent to you.

How long do I have to vote?

Ballots must be returned by July 29th, 2017.

What happens if the contract isn't ratified?

Both parties go back to the table and try to change a few things. If that doesn't work, it goes to mediation. If that doesn't work it goes to Interest Arbitration. Of course, no one can predict a timeline for all this to happen.

Who can vote on the tentative agreement?

Only NALC members in good standing that are currently active and not retired (which includes CCAs if they are active members) can vote.

Why does the retro pay only go back to November of 2016 and not May when the contract expired?

Because November was when the parties agreed to the first contractual monetary increase, so that is when the retro would start.

Why are the step increases for TEs only for more recent TEs and not ones from the early 2000s and earlier? How was that decided?

Because the step increase intent is only for the TE’s serving in that capacity when the big financial burdens hit and knocked them down in pay. The earlier TE’s were not part of that hardship.

Will there be retro pay for CCAs for holidays?


Will CCAs get all the holidays off that are now “Paid” holidays for them?

No. You may get 8 hours of holiday pay on top of your regular pay if you are scheduled to work on a paid holiday.

Will there be retro pay for CCAs that have been recently converted to regular?

Yes, you will get the CCA increases for the time served as a CCA and Regular pay for the time served after conversion.

Can you clarify what happens when regular carriers go from step 1 to step 2 next year in pay and T6s go up the percentage in pay, when a regular carrier holds down a T6 string and they are at step 2 would they also go up the same percentage amount the T6 does?

The regular carriers will be paid the same percentage difference as they do now when serving in a Higher Level capacity. In short, yes they will go up the same percentage as the T-6 does as long as they serve the string for 5 days or more.

Will there be retro pay for uniform allotments issued this year before the contract is ratified?

Yes, as long as your uniform anniversary date is May 21st or after.

Do you have any insight into the new pilot uniforms and if/when they will roll out?

They are still working on it. It should roll out eventually but do not have a time frame at this point.

Is the 6 year – no layoff clause for 6 years in the same craft/office or 6 years of credible service in general?

This contract language has not changed. It is 6 years of general service with the Postal Service as a regular.

Do you have any additional insight into the CCA Transfer pilot?

Yes, they are trying to structure a transfer mechanism that is similar to the transfer memo in Article 12 to make it easier for the CCA’s to apply for a transfer with some type of consideration.

If the contract is ratified, will the back pay be paid over time or by a onetime lump sum payment?

The APWU is getting it via a lump sum payment so most likely it would be the same for us.

I’m a recent retiree. Can the increase in retro pay affect my high 3?


How does our proposed contract compare to what the APWU received in arbitration this time around?

APWU Raise %: 1.2/1.3/1.3 (Total: 3.8%) NALC Raise %: 1.2/1.3/2.1 (Total: 4.5%)

APWU PSE Raise %: 2.2/2.3/2.3 (Total: 6.8%) NALC CCA Raise %: 2.2/2.3/3.1 (Total: 7.6%)

APWU PSE Step Increase: $0.50 over life of contract NALC CCA Step Increase: $0.50 after 12 weeks. Additional $0.50 after 40 Weeks (Total $1.00 after 1 year)

APWU COLA: Yes, based on CPI NALC COLA: Yes, based on CPI

APWU PSE Paid Holidays: 6 NALC CCA Paid Holidays: 6

(Both pay the same based on Office Size)

APWU PSE Healthcare: 75% Toward APWU Plan/$125/PP for USPS Non-Career NALC CCA Healthcare: $125/PP USPS Non-Career Self Only. 65-75% Payment for Self+1/Family Coverage

APWU PSE One-Time Conversion for over 200Year Offices NALC CCA One-Time Conversion for over 200Year Offices & PTF For 100&125Year Offices

Career Carrier's who were once TE's also get Step Advancements.

more information on agreement

2017 Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

Here is where we are for the 2017 year:

33 pallets from Main Office (37,356 lbs)

12 pallets from Mount Royal (10,718 lbs)

Fruit of the Vine collected 4,202 lbs from Lakeside

Two Harbors has 4,200 lbs (I didn't include this in the grand total below as we are just looking at local totals right now)

Proctor had 5,170 lbs

Hermantown had 4,740 lbs

We also had $7,234 in cash donated. We took the total and calculated it at 4 lbs per 1$ for a total of 28,936 lbs.

The grand total we are at r is 95,627 lbs including cash donations.

The recorded number for 2016 for Duluth was 78,902 just for food and are at 67,611 lbs this year.

Not too shabby! We were down a little in pounds but next year we can hopefully get the numbers back up. Thank you again for your hard work on this food drive! We are looking forward to seeing how we can improve for next year! If you have any suggestions, please email us! We value your opinion.

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

Postal Tales

Every letter carrier has stories. Stories about co-workers. Stories about routes. Stories about customers.

A group of international artists based in Los Angeles is putting together a collection of these stories and hopes to create a library of videos and podcasts. The brainchild of renowned artist Christian Moeller, professor and chairman of the Department of Design and Media Arts at the University of California—Los Angeles, and his former student and current research assistant Dasha Orlova, “Postal Tales” intends to tell the stories of letter carriers across the United States. They’ve already made two video posts and the results are beautiful.

If you have stories you would like to share or want to check out other carriers stories, please check out Postal Tales,

Contact Postal Tales

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